HACK, John, grocer. Born in Austria December, 1824. Came to Red Wing from his native country October 8, 1854. Commenced his present business in 1868. Married Katie Cocter in 1853. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HAGER, Wolf, farmer, sec. 12, P.O. Red Wing.

HAGG, John,
shoemaker, village, Cannon Falls.

HAGGARD, T.B., (Civil War) farmer, sec. 33, P.O. Fair Point. Born in Kentucky in 1819. Married Lucy Turpin in February 1839; she was born in Kentucky in 1815. Emigrated to Iowa in the spring of 1852; 1855 came to this county with an ox team, selecting a claim in this township on section 35 of 160 acres; in the fall of 1856 moved and settled on his present estate of 240 acres, with 21 acres of timber. At the first term of meeting held in May, 1855, he was elected the first justice of the peace and has also served as supervisor; is also the second oldest living settler in this township. In 1864 he enlisted in the 2nd Minn. Battery as corporal and served over two years on the plains. They have four children living -- Sumara, wife of A.C. Woodbury; Henry, William and Mary, twins. Lost three children -- Elizabeth, Eliza J. and one that died in infancy on December 16, 1857 which was the first death in the township. To the subject of this sketch, the writer is largely indebted for the facts of the early history of the township. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

, farmer, sec. 12, P.O. Wastedo. Was born in Sweden, August 6, 1826. Came to America in 1854, first settling in Henry county, Illinois, where he remained until the fall of 1855 and moved to where he now lives. Owns 250 acres of land, worth $10,000. Married Martha Christine Johnson in Sweden in 1852. Their children are John G, Frans, August, Tilda and Anna. E. John G, the eldest son, resides near his father on section 9, owns 167 acres, worth $6,500. He was born in Henry county, Illinois on August 20, 1854 and was an infant when his parents moved to this place. Is now chairman of the board of supervisors and also school district clerk. Married Minne Magnuson in this township in February 1876. She is a native of Sweden.

HAGGSTROM, Charles A.,
farmer, sec. 9, P.O. Wastedo

farmer, sec. 11, P.O. Frontenac.

farmer, sec. 4, P.O. Cannon Falls.

HALE, Sherman,
retired. Cannon Falls.

physician, surgeon and druggist. Born in Wales, NY September 11, 1843. Graduated from the medical department at Buffalo University February 28, 1873. Married Annie Holden on April 14, 1873. She was born in Ravenshead, England 1845. Settled in this village in July 1874, whre he has followed his profession. His only child, Sarah, was born in July 1877. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HALL, Oscar H. (Civil War)
physician, surgeon and druggist, Zumbrota village, was born in Erie county, NY, November 29, 1842; was married to Delia M Meade, April 15, 1867; she was born in Columbia county, Wisconsin on August 15, 1847. Mr. Hall enlisted in Company A, 8th New York Cavalry on August 6, 1862, and was honorably discharged at the expiration of three years' service. He received his medical education in Buffalo, NY, graduating in the fall of 1868. September of the same year came to this village and commenced the practice of medicine; 1874, in partnership with his brother, established their present drug store. He has two daughters, named Virgie and Margie. History of Goodhue county, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HALLER, Andrew, carpenter, sec. 24, P.O. Wanamingo

HALLER, Anders A.,
carpenter, sec. 24, P.O. Wanamingo

HALLIDAY, B.W., farmer, sec. 22, P.O. Roscoe. Born in Tompkins county, NY in 1825. Married A.V. Gilbert, December 1848. She died in 1859, leaving three children -- William J., Newton H. and Ann Eliza. Emigrated with parents when a child to Steuben county, NY, where his father James H. still resides. Came to this county in November 1856; built a shanty near his present estate, where he lived some years, securing his land of 80 acres by pre-emption. Here he has since resided and is one of the early pioneers of this town. Was chairman of the board 6 years, assessor 3 years. From 1866 to 1871 the principal raods were laid out under his supervision. His present wife, Mary M. Bonney was born in Madison county, NY in 1825. Annis Elvira is their only child. Members of the M.E. Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, Mn 1878.

farmer, sec. 18, P.O. Wastedo.

Wanamingo village, merchant; was born in Norway in 1842. Came to America in 1866; to this township the same year. Soon after his arrival he engaged as clerk for H.C. Serum, who kept a store where Mr. H. now keeps; became proprietor in 1872, of his present establishment; he has been postmaster since 1873. Married Greatha Bjoruethun in 1873; she is a native of Norway. Their children are -- Henry, Lena (now deceased) and Jens. Mr. Halverson is a member of the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

farmer, sec. 3, P.O. Red Wing. Born in Ireland on May 2, 1825. Came to this country in 1844, settling in Massachusetts. Came to this county in 1855 and now owns 160 acres of land, Married in Troy, NY Leavina Burill on October 12, 1854. She was born in Canada on June 22, 1834. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HANCOCK. David, born in Royalston, Worcester county, Mass. on April 22, 1812. Moved to Grafton county, N.H. when quite young; thence to Montpelier, VT in 1832. Married in Bradford, VT to Adeline Stearns, May 22, 1841. She was born in Alstead, N.H. on June 14, 1816 and died in Montpelier, VT June 13, 1853. June 3, 1854 the subject of this sketch came to Red Wing, MN, where he married O.M. Fields on May 22, 1854. She was born in Jeffries, N.H. on June 20, 1828. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HANCOCK, Joseph W.,
county superintendent of schools. Born in Oxford, N.H. on April 4, 1816. Married Martha Mariah Houghton in Wooster county, Massachusetts. She died in this county in March of 1851. Married for second wife, Julia Thompson, who was born in Indiana. Mr. Hancock went with parents to Vermont when 15 years old. Came to this county as a missionary on June 13, 1849, and has ever since maintained a residence at Red Wing. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN, 1878.

HANCOCK, Lucius, county treasurer; born in Washington county, VT. June 14, 1844; emigrated to this county with parents on June 3, 1854, settling in Red Wing, where he married Caroline D. Bruce on May 17, 1868. She was born in Washington county, VT, December 16, 1846. David L., their only child died when nearly four months old. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HANCOCK, William B.(Civil War)
farmer, sec. 1, P.O. Red Wing. Born in Oxford, NH January 26, 1832. Accompanied his parents to Washington County, VT; came to this county in 1853. Was married in December 1855 to Laura Smith. She was born in Washington County, VT on January 13, 1832. Owns 135 acres of land. Mr. Hancock enlisted in 1861 in the 6th regt., VT Infantry. Was wounded in an action in front of Yorktown, VA in concsequence of which he was discharged and receives a pension. Have three children - Eugene, Arabella and Maud. Family attends the M.E. Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, 1878.

HANGO, Knut K.,
farmer, sec. 9, P.O. Wastedo

HANN, Charles,
farmer, sec. 7, P.O. Wacoota.

Reverend, was born March 28, 1848 in Spydeberg, Christiana Stift, Norway. Went to Christiana in 1863, where he at the Latin School of "Aars e Foss" was prepared for the univeristy, and accepted at the latter institution in 1868. Passed examen philosophicum in 1871, took the theoretical degree in 1876 and the practical in 1878, was soon after ordained and started for America, arriving in this township in September of the present year and at once entered upon his duties as assistant pastor in the Holden Congregation. He married in 1878 Maren Christine Syltinglid, who was born August 11, 1858.

HANSON, Gunder
(no other information)

farmer, sec. 12, P.O. Vasa.

dealer in groceries. Born in Sweden on May 5, 1855. Came to this country settling in Red Wing in 1864. John P. Peterson, his partner in business was born in Sweden, September 10, 1850. Emigrated to Red Wing with parents May 4, 1868. This firm is located on Main Street, where they commenced business November 16, 1877. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

hardware merchant and dealer in agricultural implements, Cannon Falls. Was born in Norway, February 7, 1841. Came to America in July 1865; first residing in Chicago, from which port he shipped and sailed until July 1866, when he came to this state, first settled in Red Wing. While a resident of Chicago, he married Annie M. Brown, July 15, 1865, who is a native of Norway and was born August 6, 1844. On arriving at Red Wing, he engaged as clerk in the hardware store of E.L. Baker, which position he occupied until the spring of 1876, when he, in company with E.C. Howard, engaged in the hardware business at River Falls, Wis., after years' experience, he sold out to his partner and in April 1877, established his present business. Their children are Jalmer B. born March 7, 1868, Ole L. born May 8, 1870; Henry A. born August 29, 1872; Alfred J. born September 19, 1874 and Arthur J. born March 19, 1877. They are members of the Norwegian Lutheran Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

blacksmith, Roscoe Centre. Born in Sweden in 1840, emigrated to America in 1869. Came to this county, stopping a few months in Zumbrota, when he came to the Centre, and rented a shop and engaged in his occupation, which he has since successfully followed. In 1873 he built the shop he now occupies and his residence adjoining and is conducting a lucrative business. Same year married Johanna Peterson. She was born in Sweden in 1850. Edwin W. is their only living child. Lost one, Mary J., members of the Lutheran Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

farmer, sec. 24, P.O. Red Wing.

HANSON, Oscar,
farmer, sec. 15, P.O. Wastedo

farmer, sec. 22, P.O. Red Wing.

HARN, E.L. was born in Sidney, Shelby county, Ohio on August 24, 1836. Moved with parents to Elkhart county, Indiana in 1845. In 1851 he went to Chicago and was engaged in milling until 1866, when he came to Minneapolis and engaged as head miller in the Island Mill for a number of years, then in the Cataract Mill at the same place. In 1871 he went to Winona where he was engaged in Otto Frosts' mill for two years and in September 1873 to Red Wing, and has since been engaged as head miller in the mills of Red Wing Mill Company. Married Miss Z. St. John in Cass county, Michigan in April of 1865. She was a native of New York State. Their children are Hattie B., Lottie M., Arthur and an infant not named. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HARNISCH, Edward, harness maker, Cannon Falls; was born in Ramsey county, MN. April 17, 1847. At the age of twenty two years he went to Hudson, WI, engaged in farming until the spring of 1871, when he went to Hastings, Dakota county, served an apprenticeship to the trade of harness maker with Fred Schurch. In 1872 he went to St. Paul, where he was ermployed at his trade during the winter and in the spring of 1873, returned to Hudson, Wis., and opened a harness shop; moved to Minneapolis and worked at the harness business there until June 1875, and in the fall of that year opened his present place of business. Married Cora S. Kirchner of Hastings, April 1872; she was born in Prussia on September 15, 1851. Their children are -- Edward F. and Bertha C. (twins) born January 28, 1873 and Frank G. born July 28, 1876. They are memebrs of the German Lutheran Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HARPER, Henry,
farmer, sec. 18, P.O. Pine Island. Born in Ashtabula, Ohio in 1831. Emigrated with his parents to Kane county, Illinois in 1844. Moved to this county May 1, 1855, pre-empting 160 acres of his present estate, which he commenced breaking the 13th of that month; living in a wagon box through the summer and in the fall erected a log cabin, in which he lived until the following year, when he built the house now occupied by Johnson, and has since erected his present residence, and increased his acres to 240, valued at $50 per acre. Is one of the earliest settlers in this town and has experienced all the hardships of pioneer life. Is 1858 married Jennie M. Conant; she was born in Canada in 1837. Harry C., John C., Elbie C. and Ezra are their living children. Lost two that died in infancy. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN, 1878.

HARRISON, A., (Mexican War)
farmer, sec. 31, P.O. Cannon Falls; was born in Donaghadee County Down, Ireland in 1820. At the age of 17 years, went to sea, and was a sailor for many years. During the Mexcian War he was engaged in the trasnportation of soldiers from Boston to New Orleans. In 1849 he went by water to California and engaged in mining for three years. He then went to Valparaiso, Chili and Peru and at Callao shipped in an American ship for New Orleans; thence an English ship to Liverpool and home to Ireland. Married Margaret Jamieson in Ireland June 15, 1854; she was born May 2, 1822. Came to America in 1855, settling in Leon Township, this county; thence to Stanton township, and in the fall of 1863 moved to this farm. Owns 160 acres of land, worth $35 per acre. Their children are -- James, Belle (now Mrs. Robinson) and Betsy (twins) Maggie (now Mrs. Simons). The family are members of the Methodist Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

farmer, sec. 7, P.O. Cannon Falls

surveyor. Born in Lewis county, NY on July 29, 1818. Emigrated to Dubuque county, Iowa in the fall of 1846, where he was engaged in the government survey through that State into Minnesota and this county in 1853. He came to Red Wing and permanently settled in 1854. Married Marietta Farnsworth December 24, 1855. She was born in Chatauqua county, NY. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HARTMAN, G. farmer,
sec. 34, P.O. Red Wing.

HARTUNG, George, pastor of the German Methodist church, Red Wing. Was born in Thuringen, Germany on November 18, 1843. He accompanied his parents to the United States in 1857, who settled in Washington county, Minnesota, where he worked with his father until 1864, when he procured a scholarship in the Wallace (German) College at Berea, Ohio. He attended that institution two years and returned to Washington county where he prosecuted his studies while working on his father's farm. He was married September 18, 1869 to Charlotte Spangenberg. She was born in Thuringen, Germany, November 9, 1843. His first labors in the ministry were those of a local preacher; his first charge was at St. Croix mission, Prescott, Wisconsin, where he remained until regularly ordained a minister of the Gospel, September 28, 1873. At that time he went to Crow River mission, Wright county, Minnesota. At the expiration of two years he was sent to Salem, West St. Paul, having been created an elder on September 26, 1875. In October of 1876, he came to Red Wing and accepted his present charge. They have four children living -- Amelia, Lydia, William and Alfred. George F., born in Washington county September 6, 1870 died the 24th of the same month. Mrs. Hartung is also a member of the German Methodist Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

farmer, sec. 20, P.O. Stanton. Born in Saxony, Germany December 20, 1824. Came to America in 1850, settled near Salem, Mass. The following year he was joined by his family, lived there until 1856, in the employ of the Lawrence Bay State Company and the Naumkeag cotton factory as dyer. May 28, 1856, settled on his present farm of 160 acres worth $35 per acre. Was married in Germany to Ernestine Reichelt, October 6, 1847. She was born October 7, 1826. Their children are -- Emil, Lucy, Anna and Alice. They have lost two children by death, Frank and Lena. Mr. Haserick has held local offices many years. The family are members of the Methodist Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

farmer, sec. 12, P.O. Red Wing.

HASLELLE, Elling A., farmer, sec. 35, P.O. Wanamingo.

farmer, sec. 18, P.O. Frontenac.

HASTINGS, J.L., mechanic. Born in Chemung county, NY on February 24, 1835. Moved to Bradford county, PA; thence to Oil Creek, PA and to this county in 1865, but returned to Seneca Falls, NY; thence to Auburn, NY; thence to Portsmouth, Ohio, thence to Sedalia, MO; and in September 1874 again returned to this county where he was maintained a continued residence in Red Wing. Married Mary Breese of Chemung county, NY on February 24, 1859. Harry is his only child. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HASTINGS, W.T., retired. Born in Elmira, Chemung county, NY September 10, 1810. He was engaged in farming in early life, but at the age of 24 commenced the mercantile trade, and after 12 years was engaged in milling. He afterwards owned the Chemung County Bank. Was proprietor of the "Chemung County Republican" and a member of the Philadelphia Republic Convention that nominated General Fremont for president in 1856. In the fall of that year he was elected to the lower house of the legislature. Moved to Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1858, and to Red Wing in 1859. Married W.N. Lybalt in 1838. She was born in Bloomingburg, Sullivan county, NY. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HAUGEN, Knut S., farmer, sec. 7, P.O. Norway

HAUGESAG, Eilif O., farmer, sec. 15, P.O. Aspelund

HAUGLUM, Christen J. farmer, sec. 6, P.O. Aspelund.

HAUGLUM, Erling O., farmer, sec. 7, P.O. Aspelund

HAWKINS, Oscar J. harness maker, Cannon Falls. Was born in LaFayette, Ind. on May 27, 1855. Came to this village with his parents in the fall of 1858. In May 1873 he went to Minneapolis, at which place he served four years as apprecticeship to the trade of harness maker and returned to Cannon Falls on June 1, 1877, and established the business in which he is now engaged. Married on September 15, 1878 Miss Carrie Zackrison, was was born in Vasa township September 17, 1860. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

dealer in paints, oils, etc. was born in England August 15, 1830. Came to this country with parents settling in New York City and afterwards moved to Albany, NY, where he maried Sarah Middaugh, May 24, 1853. She was born in Tioga county, PA on June 29, 1830. They emigrated to Red Wing on May 20, 1855. Mr. Hawkins' business has gradually increased until he now does the largest wholesale and retail trade of any house in the county. Benjamin S., Effie Alene and William C. are their children. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HAKINSON, John, dealer in groceries. Born in Sweden April 9, 1827. Emigrated to this country, settling in Chisago county, Minnesota in 1853; thence to this county, settling in the township of Vasa in 1863. Came to Red Wing in the fall of 1857, engaging in the furniture business and in 1871 commenced his present business. Married Mary Peterson, November 4, 1858. She was born in Sweden. Beckey, Carl, William and Oscar Ludwick are their children. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN.

HAWKINSON, Ole, farmer,
sec. 3, P.O. Red Wing. Born in Sweden November 9, 1833. Came to the United States in 1854. Stayed the first winter in St. Charles, Kane County, Ill. He finally landed in Red Wing in April, 1855, which then consisted only of a few houses, two stores and two taverns. Came to this farm in 1857. Owns 160 acres where he resides, and 320 in Nobles County,. Was married the same year on the 31st day of October to Keirsty Nelson. She was born in Sweden, November 5, 1836. Have nine children living -- William, Hannah, Nellie, Anthony, Edward, Ferdinand, Oscar, Theodore and Selma. Lost one, Eugenia, born February 16, 1869, died July 24, 1870. Family belongs to the Swedish Lutheran Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, 1878.

(deceased) was born in Caroline, Tompkins county, NY November 6, 1833. In 1852 he graduated at Hobart College, Geneva, NY. Having chosen the medical profession for his life work, he at once commenced his studies and graduated at the medical department of the above college in 1855. In order to still further perfect himself in his studies, he visited Europe and attended two courses of medical lectures in Edinburg, Scotland, one course in London, England and one in Paris, France. He then returned to Geneva and July 16, 1857 came to Red Wing, where he was a successful practitioner for ten years. In 1867 he engaged in the drug business, in which he continued until his death, September 20, 1878. He was married to Miss H.B. Blackstock, who was a native of Alleghany City, Pennsylvania. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HAYDMAN, George,
farmer, sec. 28, P.O. Red Wing.

HAYMAN, William, Sr..,
farmer, sec. 22, P.O. Red Wing.

HAYMAN, William, Jr.,
farmer, sec. 22, P.O. Red Wing.

HAYWARD, George W., farmer, sec. 18, P.O. Pine Island. Born in England in 1835, came to this country in the spring of 1855 and settled on this farm of 240 acres, one-quarter section of which he pre-empted, 1858 married Lavina Reinhart, who died in 1873, leaving two children, both of whom are living, Alfred H. and Alice C. Mr. Hayward is one of the early pioneers, settled in this town in 1855. Was supervisor three terms, chairman of the board one term and has always been identified with the prosperity of the town and county. He has made two trips across the Atlantic, first in 1857 and in 1874. His present wife, Sarah N. Marsh was born in England in 1849. They were married in 1877 and have one child, Blanch. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

farmer, sec. 20, P.O. Pine Island. Born in England in 1829. Emigrated to America in 1850, settled in Whitewater, Wisconsin; remained two years; then moved to Chippewa, same state; engaged in lumber business; 1854 went to England, returning the following year settling in this town April 26; pre-empted 160 acres in Roscoe and purchased 80 acres, where he resided for 18 years. In 1859, he married Pracilla C. Dumford. She was born in England in 1830. Formed co-partnership with J.A. Tarbox in 1872 in the steam flouring mill at Pine Island; 1875 sold his interest in the same for his present fine estate of 160 acres. He is one of the early pioneers. Clara D., Walter W, Wallace D, Frederick E. and Mary B are their living children; lost one child, Giles W. Members of the Episcopal Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HEBER, Nicholas, (Civil War)
merchant, P.O. Lake City. Born in Germany on November 14, 1837. Came to the US in 1857. Settled in Dubuque county, Iowa, where he remained until August 26, 1861, when he enlisted in Co. H, 7th Wisconsin Infantry; served with them in all their marches, scouts, battles etc., including nearly all of the heavy engagements in which the Army of the Potomac participated; was wounded at battle of South Mountain, also at Gettysburg and again in an engagement on the 30th of March, 1865. Was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and six months later received a commission as captain. After four year's hard service, he was mustered out at Madison, Wisconsin. Was married August 29, 1866 to Anna Magaeres. She was born in Luxemburg in 1844. Have five children -- Maggie, John, Katie, Bella and Nicholas. Came to this county in 1870. Owns 80 acres of land. Family belongs to the Catholic Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HEGGIE, David G.,
farmer, sec. 28, P.O. Lake City. Born in Scotland in 1826 and emigrated to this country in the fall of 1847, and settled in Oswagotchie, St. Lawrence County, NY, where he lived until 1852, when he returned to Scotland and enlisted in the 93rd Southerland Highlanders, and served 5 years in the Crimean War. Participated in the battles of Alma, Inkerman and the struggle of Redan Tower. Was wounded at Alma and again at Inkerman and confined in the hospital some months. Served two years following the close of the war. In 1858 returned to America and settled in Janesville, WIsconsin, where in September 1861, married Margaret White. She was born in Scotland in 1844. In 1864, removed to Mount Pleasant, Wabasha County, where he lived until March 1876, when he moved on his present estate, consisting of 332 acrs. Was chairman of the board two or three years and the family members are of the West Florence Church. Jane, James, John, Annie M., Jeanette, Mary Martha and Isabel are their living children. Lost one, William D. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN, 1878.

farmer, sec. 4, P.O. Red Wing.

farmer, sec. 5, P.O. Red Wing.

HENNINGS, Christ, (Civil War)
farmer, sec. 26, P.O. Red Wing. Born in Germany August 15, 1838. Came with his parents to this county in 1857. Settled on Wells Creek in this section. Enlisted October 1861, Co. E., 3rd Minn. Inf. Was with the regiment in their campaign against the Indians. Afterward went south and participated in all the marches, scouts and battles in which the regiment was engaged. Was among the captured in the action at Murfreesboro, TN, July 13, 1862. The surrender being made, owing to the inefficiency of the colonel commanding. Was paroled and afterward exchanged. Served until November 28, 1864, at which time he was mustered out on account of expiration of term of service. Was married November 9, 1868 to Margaret Jane Saunders. She was born in England in 1848. Have five children - Irvin, Willie, Ozro, Clarence and Fred. Owns 240 acres of land. Family belongs to the Presbyterian church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, 1878.

farmer, sec. 26, P.O. Red Wing.

farmer, sec. 17, P.O. Red Wing.

HERBERG, Thorleif, blacksmith, sec. 20, P.O. Aspelund

was born on a farm near Cuba, Fulton county, Illinois, May 3, 1843. He remained there until ten years of age. About that date his parents moved to Henry county, Iowa, some twenty miles back of Burlington, where he worked on a farm summers and attended district school winters. On the 17th of April 1856 the family arrived in Red Wing but immediately settled on a farm in Belle Creek township, where he engineered a breaking team and assisted in turning over 35 acres of Minnesota sod. That fall the family changed again and took up their abode in Hay Creek Valley, Featherstone township, two and a half miles from Red Wing. Here the young man tilled the soil in the summer and in the winter trudged two and a half miles mornings and evenings to Red Wing to attend Hamline University. Some days the mercury would sink out of sight, but the boy's ambition was up and he was determined not to miss a day if it did cost him a few frozen ears, fingers and toes -- which it did. His first attendance at the university was the winter of 1856-7. The next summer and winter he put in the same way, but the following year 1858-9, he devoted his entire time to the farm. The winter of 1859-60 he taught a district school in a room of his father's house. The fall of 1861 he began a regular course at Hamline University, continued his studies systematically until June of 1865 at which time he graduated in the classical course and took the degree of A.B. Immediately after his graduation, he was elected by the board of trustees principal of the Rochester Seminary, taught in that institution during the school term of 1865-6. That spring he canvassed Olmstead county, lecturing and introducing outline maps, school charts and school apparatus. In September of that year he delivered a lecture before the State Teacher's Association, at Faribault, that was spoken of as an able and interesting production. Immediately after, he proceeded to Ann Arbor, Michigan to attend the law school of that University. On the way he fell in with Major Durkee and from that peculiar and accidental meeting an acquaintance was formed that ripened into a warm personal friendship. They became roommates at the university and wrestled over the same volume of Blackstone together. They were determined to master Blackstone or die, and they are both in good health up to date. The winter of 1866-7 he attended law lectures at the university delivered by Judges Cooley and Campbell of the Supreme Court of Michigan, and Professors Walker and Pond, prominent members of the Detroit bar. In the spring of 1867 Mr. Herbert returned home to the farm in Hay Creek Valley, again devoting himself to agricultural pursuits, prosecuting his law studies in the meantime with a tenacity of purpose characteristic of the man. That fall he entred the law office of Wilder & Williston, Red Wing, where, under their direction, he pursued his studies, assisted greatly by Judge Horace Wilder, to whom he was admitted to the bar, opened an office in Red Wing and began the practice of his profession. In June of that year, he delivered a masters' address and received the degree of Master of Arts at "Old Hamline". In the fall of 1870, he was elected a member of the board of education, and was also clerk of the district, which position he filled for several years. December 28, 1871 he was married to Miss Mary E. Sweny, daughter f Dr. W.W. Sweney of Red Wing. She was born in Fulton county, Illinois on July 16, 1847. A singular coincidence connected with these families is the fact that the given names of the parents on both sides is alike, and the three marriages were solemnized on the 28th of December. In the spring of 1873, Mr. Herbert aided in starting Red Wing Mills and was elected the first secretary of that corporation. The fall of 1873 himself and E.J. Hodgson started the Grange Advance, now the Red Wing Advance. In February of 1877, he was elected secretary of the Red Wing Stoneware Company, which enterprise he was largely instrumental in developing. March 6, 1877, Mr. Herbert, J.M. Hodgman and others started the Red Wing Building Association, which has since become an important institution, and of which he is the secretary. He is also secretary of the Mississippi Valley Industrial Association, a stockholder in the Red Wing Advance, one ofthe editors, the business manager; also half owner with Mr. J. A. Leonard, who owns the other half, of the Red Wing Printing Company, established by them and others in July of 1877. In a word, he has takn an important part in every enterprise for building up the financial interests of the city and county since he became identified with their industries. Himself and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In politics he has always been a Republican, but is not a rigid party man. There is one child, William E. born October 17, 1872. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HERDER, Christ,
farmer, sec. 3, P.O. Red Wing.

., farmer, sec. 14, P.O. Frontenac. Born in Northhampton county, PA in 1822. Married Nancy E.
Phillips in 1848. She was born in Chenango county, NY in 1831. Emigrated to this county in 1855 and settled in this town where he pre-empted 120 acres, traveling with oxen and securing his claim at midnight. Here he erected a pioneer cabin and lived some years in the full enjoyment and hardships of pioneer life. He subsequently sold, and moved on his present estate of 176 acres, valued at $40 per acre, where he has since made it his home. Is one of the earliest settlers of this town. Served one term as constable. Emma and Fannie are their living children. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN, 1878.

HERMAN, George, farmer, sec. 25, P.O. Hay Creek.

HERMAN, Gustave, farmer, sec. 35, P.O. Hay Creek.

HERMAN, H, farmer, sec. 25, P.O. Hay Creek

, farmer, sec. 31, P.O. Lake City.

HERSCHLER, M., storage, forwarding and commission merchant. Born in Germany, September 20, 1831; emigrated to this country, settling in Philadelphia, PA in 1850; August 1856, he left Philadelphia and after visitng Illinois and Iowa, came to Red Wing, April 11, 1858, engaging in his present business in the fall of that year. Married Martha Albright, July 22, 1862. She was born in Lancaster, PA. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HESJUDAL, Arnfin L. farmer, sec. 8, P.O. Aspelund

HEWITT, A.W., farmer, sec. 4, P.O. Kenyon. Was born in Seneca county, NY in 1826; moved to Yates county, NY with parents when about 4 years old; studied medicine with Dr. Hammon in Pen Yan, NY and later studied with Dr. Morse in the same place; attended his first course of lectures in Geneva, NY and second course in Castleton, VT, graduating at the latter place in 1850; subsequently attended another course at Albany, NY, but in 1854 moved to Ripon, WI, where he practied steadily until the date of his coming to this township in 1867, but since that time has been engaged in farming; he now owns, in this vicinity, about 1,400 acres of land. He married in Wisconsin Clara E. Loud, who is a native of Virginia, November 4. 1857. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN.

HEWITT, Charles Nathaniel.(Civil War) Physician and surgeon. Was born in Vergennes, VT on June 3, 1836. His literary education was acquired at Cheshire Academy, Connecticut and at Hobart College, NY. He received his professional education in the Albany Medical College, NY; dates of graduation, M.A. 1857 and M.D. the same year. He was valedictorian in his class in the Medical College and was also, for some time, a student in the Albany Hospital. Subsequently, he practiced his profession in Geneva, NY until 1861, when he entered the Union Army with the rank of assistant surgeon in the 50th New York Vol. Engineers and for three years acted as surgeon for that regiment. He was also surgeon in chief of the Engineer Brigade, Army of the Potomac. He has been a member of the New York State Medical Society and is now a member of the Minnesota Medical Society, American Medical Association and the Executive Committee of the American Public Health Association. He is secretary of the Minnesota State Board of Health and professor of Public Health in the university of this State. He married Helen Hawley April 22, 1869; she is the daughter of Dr. E.J. Hawley of Ithica, NY, who was professor of surgery in Geneva Medical College. Dr. Hewitt came to Red Wing in the spring of 1866, where he has since maintained a continued residence and is actively engaged in the practice of his profession. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HEYES, Henry, farmer, sec. 27, P.O. Red Wing. Born in Lancanshire, England, June 27, 1818. Was married there to Fannie Crawshaw. She was born in same place July 27, 1821. Came to the United States in 1849. After a residence of eight years on Staten Island, NY, he came to this county, arriving at this farm in September 1857. Owns 160 acres of land. Have nine children living - Frances, Alice, Mary, Sarah, John, Albert, Nancy, George, Ida. The oldest son, William H. (Civil War) enlisted 1861 in the 11th U.S. Infantry, was promoted September 18, 1863 to sergeant and soon after appointed color bearer of the regiment. After serving nearly three years, and participating in many of the principal battles in which the army of the Potomac were engaged, he fell at the Battle of the Wilderness, our troops being forced back at the time. His body was left in the enemy's hands and was never recovered. Mr. Heyes has served as clerk of school board three years, has been connected with the Grange of this county as lecturer, etc. Was also one of the first to espouse the Greenback cause in this State; has served on the State central committee ever since is organization; frequently writes on the subject in the local papers. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN, 1878.

HICKMAN, Henry, proprietor of Hickman House. Born in Paris, France, December 29, 1829. Emigrated to this country with parents, settling in NY; thence to the States of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Came to Red Wing on May 4, 1856. Married Eva Waliver who was born in Prussia. Henry, Martin and Oliver are their children. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

., farmer, Red Wing.

HICKMAN, M. billard hall. Born in Germany September 5, 1828. Emigrated to this country with parents when quite young, settling in Buffalo, NY; thence to Erie and Chautaqua counties, NY. Moved to Cleveland, Ohio; thence to Newcastle and Erie, PA; thence to Painesville, Ohio. Came to Red Wing April 1856. Married Sophia Wallauber August 9, 1857. She was born in Pennsylvania. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HILDEN, Peter J. (Civil War), farmer, sec. 16, P.O. Belvidere Mills. Born in Norway on July 25, 1837. Came to the US in 1857 and settled in Wisconsin. Came to this county in August of 1859. Owns 80 acres of land. Was married October 3, 1861 to Evaline Hanson; she was born in Norway in 1840. Have for children living -- Caroline, Hannah E., Minnie J. and Helma C. Lost two - John and Clara. Mr. Hilden enlisted on February 2, 1865 in Co. I, 1st Minn Heavy Artillery; was stationed at Chattanooga, Tenn, doing garrison duty until September 1865, when they returned to Fort Snelling and were mustered out. Has held important town offices. Family belongs to the M.E. Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HILL, Charles, physician, Pine Island. Born in Gallatin County, Illinois in 1826. Commenced his literary studies at McKendall College in 1850 and his medical education at Ann Arbor, Michigan and Nashville in 1854-5-6, and after one years' hospital practice in Chicago, graduated at Rush Medical College in 1857. Same year came to this county and settled in Roscoe, where he engaged in the practice of his profession. Came to this village in 1859, was representative from this county to the State Senate in 1869-1870. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

plaining mill, sash, door and pump manufacturer. Born in Hillsboro county, N.H. on May 7, 1830, moved to Massachusetts in 1850, and from that State emigrated to Red Wing May 15, 1855. Married Anna S. Hall on November 33, 1858. She was born in Hanover, N.H. F. Elmer, Mary E., Elizabeth G. and Arthur are their children. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

farmer, sec. 8, P.O. Red Wing.

HILLSTROM, John, dealer in agricultural implements, village. Cannon Falls.

HIMMELMAN, Charles, sewing machines and organs. Born in Sweden April 16, 1827. Married Pauline Brawall October 30, 1850. She was born in Sweden. They emigrated to this county on June 19, 1953; settling in the town of Vasa. Has been engaged in the grain trade in Red Wing and commenced his present business in 1876. Charles F. is his only living child. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN. 1878.

HIMMELMAN, Charles Jr., farmer, sec. 2, P.O. Red Wing. Born in Sweden on May 4, 1853. Emigrated to this county on June 29, 1865. Owns in this township 320 acres of land, Has held office of school trustee. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

(no other information)

HINE, William L,
farmer, sec. 27, P.O. Cannon River Falls, born in Cortland county, NY, April 11, 1822; 1840 moved to Michigan; remained 18 months and moved to Indiana; thence in 1844 to Wisconsin; thence in 1858 to Cannon Falls, this county; thence in 1860 to his present farm, 245 acres, worth $40 per acre. Married Charity Morell, January 5, 1848. She was born in Canada West on July 3, 1817. Their children are -- Daniel F., James H., Charles O. and Martha J. They had lost three children by death, whose names were Wiliam, John I and Samuel. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

HINNEN, Henry,
farmer, sec. 29, P.O. Red Wing. Born in Hadendorf, Hanover, Germany on July 15, 1832.
Came to this county in 1858. Remained in and about Red Wing three months, then came to this farm - then wild land, now under a good state of cultivation with substantial house, barn, etc., consists of 160 acres. Mr. Hinnen was married August 4, 1861 to Mary Lenkpiehl. She was born in Mecklenburg, Schwaren Germany, March 10, 1841. Have six children - Wilhelmina, Christina, Lydia, Rudolph, John and Henry. Lost three - Willie, Frederick and Henry. Mr. Hinnen was roadmaster for three years. Family attends the Lutheran church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, 1878.

HISTAKR, Ole, N., farmer, sec. 25, P.O. Wanamingo.

HJARTDAL, Halvard H., farmer, sec. 1, P.O. Hader.